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From this article, you will learn your first practical steps with working with the POSweb application. 

  • This article will help you log into the POSweb application and solve basic issues that might appear in connection with this process.
  • This article will be helpful to Front Desk Staff, PG Champion and Club Manager. 

Before you start

Check if you have the appropriate permissions to log into the POSweb. This applies in particular to new club employees. If you do not have appropriate permissions and you are i.e. Front Desk Staff, contact your PG Champion, or Administrator. 

Make sure that the Device Integrator service, which is necessary for the operation of the POSweb application, is installed on your computer. In case of any trouble, go to this article, or contact your PG Champion or Administrator. 


How to log into POSweb?

The URL address is being established during the Implementation process. If you do not know the correct URL address, contact your PG Champion or the Perfect Gym Sales Team. 

1. Open the browser on your computer and type the URL http://yourcompanyname.perfectgym.com/posweb, where yourcompanyname has been established during the Implementation process. 

2. Enter your Username.

3. Enter your Password.

4. Click on the Log in button.

Having logged in, the main screen of the POSweb application will be displayed. 


What to do when POSweb does not work?

  1. If you see the message DeviceIntegrator service is not available! click on Back to log in view at the top of the page, and then log in again.
  2. If you cannot log in, restart DI.  For more information go to this article
  3. If you see the message Company Mismatch, or for other reasons you cannot log into the POSweb application, and it is not the fault of the lack of permissions, please contact the PerfectGym Support Team.  
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