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POSweb is a complete Front Desk application for your fitness club. It helps provide a day-to-day client assistance in your club. Thanks to it, you can create a new club member, register a guest, sell products and memberships, upgrade contracts, manage class bookings and view and sign the documents which will be stored in digital version on club member's profile. 

  • In this article, you will find the detailed description of the key features that POSweb application has to offer. 
  • This article will be helpful to Front Desk Staff, PG Champion and Club Manager.

Before you start

One POSweb station corresponds to only one computer in one club. Also, in case of multiple facilities, through one POSweb station you can access data of only one club within the whole chain. 

Key Features

Logging into the POSweb

The access to some parts of the system depends on the system permission assigned to your business role and position. Also, there is a possibility to restrict the access of a given IP address to the POSweb application, i.e. when you do not want to allow your employees to log into the POSweb station from outside the club. 

Adding Members and Guests

You can create a Member or Guest account right from the POSweb, without even entering the PGM system. During member registration, you can select Payment Plans and Contract Extras and add and select methods of payment. You can also define which member data you want to collect and what type of Marketing consents would they consent to. Moreover, through an integration with an additional device, there is a possibility to scan member's ID card and copy the key information to the Personal Data tab. 

Member Profile

By use of multiple filters, you can either search a member within one club, or the whole database, including many clubs within the same chain. Having scanned the member's card or searching them by use of the POSweb search box, you will see their photo, name and surname, member's rating depicted as the number of stars corresponding to club attendance within a certain period of time, Tags and information on permission to access the club or lack of such option, i.e. when being on debt. You can use this information to manually control the access to the club for your visitors. Through Member Profile, you can add a new Contract or assign Voucher to an existing member or Guest.

Also, there is a special panel displaying User notes. By use of it, the Front Desk staff can communicate with each other and, i.e., ask member for providing missing data, or inform them on restricted access to the club due to lack of payment. Notes can be displayed, edited and created on a given Member Profile.

In the Payments tab, you will find all Transactions of a given member. You can display either POS transactions, which include purchases of Products, Services and Personal Training sessions, or Contract transactions, including Payment Plan and Additional Payment Plan payments. Also, you can easily print Invoices from there. 

Details tab shows the key information about the Member. From there, depending on your permissions, you can either only display the Membership and Marketing information, chosen payment method, selected Payment plan, or also access and edit the Personal data, like address, phone number, email, date of birth and even Tags. 

In the Agreement Documents tab, you will find Contract Agreement forms and other User documents. You can print the document and hand it to the Member for signing. If you have the electronic signature reader installed, during the document generation, such a document can be electronically signed and the signature put right in place. Then, you print the document and hand it to the Member. Together with the electronic signature, the document will be saved on the Member profile. You can access it whenever you need to. You can also send it to the Member by use of the Automation Center Notifications. 

Products tab allows you to display all purchased Products in form of Services, i.e. Personal Training sessions, one-time club entrance bundles. In such case, you can manually use the purchased Products right away, or it's usage can be set up automatically by the system. 


You can sell Products in two ways - by reflecting the purchase on a given Member Profile, or without it. In the last case, the Product can be purchased by any random person, i.e. when buying a snack or beverage by a passer-by.

There are three standard ways of making transactions: 

  • Overdue Contract Payments - they are used by Members with Contracts assigned. 
    • You can select one or more Contract transactions and settle them all at once. You can also use the Create further payments option if a member wants to pay in advance. 
  • Products - they are used by Members, Guests and any random person who wants to buy a Product. 
    • You can create Product Catalogs to manage your offer more efficiently, i.e., Food, Beverage, Personal Training sessions. 
    • If you run out of a given Product, its icon will be grayed. 
    • If the number/amount of the Product on stock is limited, the system will automatically inform you on that. 

You can easily identify Products with Discounts by the % icon. Discounts are set up in the PGM system. One Product can have multiple Discounts. The system will automatically inform the Front Desk staff of the Discount options available. 

  • Prepaid account deposit - it is used by Members and Guests who want to charge their account and pay for Products by use of it. 
    • By default, the deposit value is 100. However, it can be adapted to your needs. 


In the Shopping Cart, you will see all Products selected by a member with their prices. You can select one of the standard payment methods - Credit Card or Cash. Other payment methods will be displayed by clicking on the three dots icon. There, you can use i.e., a Voucher, Prepaid account deposit, or Online payment gateway. 

Unprinted receipts - this option allows you to print all receipts from transactions made by Online payment gateway. This way, you will be able to include all transactions made, irrespective of the payment method, within one sale report. 

Additional options will allow you to: 

  • End shift and Close day - when Front Desk staff ends their shift and needs to verify all the transactions made within the system with the actual payments received in cash, Credit card and with any other payment method. 
  • Make Cash deposit - i.e., when making cash payments and withdrawals by the club employees. 


This feature allows to enroll club members into the Classes, Personal Training sessions, Courses and to make Facility Booking. You can select a club in which a given activity takes place, search for a particular member who is enrolled, and verify their actual attendance.

  • Classes - you can easily manage the Class view, filter classes by club, date, zones, class type and instructor. You can select a single class or recurring class enrollment. Next, you will see the member's name displayed on the Participants list. Also, removing members from the Participants list is possible. In such a case, there is a possibility to set up Automatic Center Notifications to inform them of each status change. Otherwise, you can generate the Participants list right from the POSweb application and manually verify attendance. 
    • There are two predefined Class categories in the system:
      • Additionally paid classes - used to charge members for each class extra. 
      • Classes connected with membership - used when allowing to book Classes without any additional fee, save for the Membership fee. 
    • The system will automatically verify if the enrolled person has any booking limitations, i.e., if they have skipped the classes too many times, etc. Such limitations can be easily changed and managed by Club Manager through the PGM system. 
  • Personal Training sessions - when booking such a session, you can see the Trainer's availability schedule. You can easily find the right Trainer by their photo, if previously set up in the system. During enrollment, the system will automatically verify if a given member has bought the right PT Product required for PT booking. As it results form the PT set up rules. 
    • There are various PT Product categories available. The system verifies if a given member has bought the Product required for booking a given PT session depending on its proficiency level. 
    • In case of Personal Training sessions, you can also use the Automation Center Notifications to inform Personal Trainer on session booking or cancellation. 
    • The system will automatically verify if the enrolled person has any booking limitations, i.e., when there is no possibility to cancel the session in less than 2 hours prior it's start. Such limitations can be easily changed and managed by Club Manager through the PGM system. 
  • Facility Booking - additionally paid module - when making a facility booking, you can select the date and time from calendar. You will see the unavailable slots marked in grey. You can select a whole zone or number of slots you want to book, single or recurring booking and duration.
    • As with PT booking, the system automatically verifies presence of the Product required for booking. In case of lack of such Product, the system allows to buy it within the same booking flow. 
    • You can also use the Automation Center Notifications to inform on the facility booking status. 
  • Courses - additionally paid module - you can create recurring, group activities that require reaching a certain participant's age, skill and proficiency level to enable booking, i.e. swimming course with level 1 - basic and level 2 - advanced. During enrollment, the system automatically verifies if a given member has met all requirements for this course. 


During club Implementation process, all POSweb compatible devices are installed and configured. The Settings option allows you to customize the way these devices work. Having installed these devices in your club, you will be able to speed up most of the day-to-day member assistance tasks, in most cases done by the Front Desk staff. By automating processes, you also become less prone to errors and mistakes occurring in your club. 

  • Barcode scanner - by scanning the product bar code, this device automatically finds the given product within the system, adds it to the Shopping Cart and allows for a quicker sale process. 
  • Card/wristband reader - by scanning the card, this device finds the given club member within the system, opens their profile and checks their presence in the club, and/or class attendance - depending on the set up and club policy. This enables the seamless club access management. 
  • Payment terminal - ensures easy and safe payment collection. 
  • Fiscal printer - ensures easy and safe receipt printing. You can customized receipts, by adding Fiscal Identification Number, Employee name or Product and Transaction description.  
  • Signature reader - by scanning the signature, this device transfers it into an electronic form document in a time and effort-saving manner. 
  • Card printer - allows for adding custom prints on the club card. 

Access Control

The POSweb application, together with the PGM system, can be integrated with multiple Access Control devices. This enables the Front Desk staff to easily manage granting access to the club and its zones. Also, in the POSweb application, there is an Now in club option available. You can use it when you want to quickly check who is already in the club, i.e. when having a Personal Training session with a given Member. 

There are four ways you can choose from when granting access to your club:

  • card/wristband reader
  • bar code scanner
  • QR code access
  • fingerprint scanner

You can use these methods to gain full control over who is currently present in the club and who is allowed to access each zone or club.

In case of the QR code-based access, you can provide your members with a fast, easy and fully automated entrance process, available to them solely by use of the mobile application. 

Moreover, the fingerprint scanner and card reader combined together provide you with the additional stage of verifying the actual identity of the card holder. By doing so, the club entrance process can be fully automated.

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