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Whenever a new client wants to change the scope of the initial implementation agreement, or an existing client already cooperating with PerfectGym would like to ask for an additional work outside the scope of the agreement signed, the change procedure is being launched. 

The Change Management Process may include out-of-the-box changes which involve extra developer's work or other specialist's work.

Please note that the Client can be additionally charged for the changes not included in their package.

During the implementation phase, the change management process applies, if a client requests to:

  • create a new task which wasn't included in the original implementation project scope, which also includes development tasks ( for example: adding remote installation for extra POS devices, adding more access control points, migration objects),
  • postpone any task in the timeline, especially: project kick-off, club go-live, on-site visit, 
  • creating custom RDLC template, different from default templates,
  • perform custom development if possible,

When asking for Technical Support, the change management pr ocess applies, if a client requests to:

  • perform additional work or system configuration which is above basic support service,
  • perform custom development. 

The process has to be initiated by the Client.

Change Management Process Description

Below you will find a high-level description of the entire process:

  • Step 1. Client fills in the Development Change Request or the Non-development Change Request form with the scope of the customization needed and sends it to the Implementation Project Manager when during the Implementation phase, or by creating a case via the GetSupport tool and attaching the respective form. 
    • Development Change Request includes:

      • custom development of PerfectGym functionality, 
      • custom device integration,
      • custom payment provider integration. 
    • Non-development Change Request includes:  
      • additional migration or migration objects, 
      • additional remote installation of POS or access control devices,
      • additional onsite visit,
      • custom system configuration,
      • custom access logic configuration,
      • custom document template design or redesign (RDLC),
      • custom reports. 
  • Step 2. Implementation Project Manager, or the Support Team forwards the request to the Product Team, who will proceed with the evaluation: rejection or approval with the effort estimation. 
    • There are three possible outcomes:
      • Roadmap approval - the request gets approved and will be added to the roadmap development. It means no additional cost for the Client, but the timeline of the delivery may not be in the nearest future.
      • Custom development approval - the request gets approved, but as an extra-cost for the Client, hence the estimated resources needed would be converted in the financial proposal. The development will be added to the upcoming development sprints and will be delivered in the upcoming weeks.
      • Rejection - the Product Team may decline the request due to a low demand from other Clients for this specific solution or feature, hence PerfectGym wouldn't want to develop and maintain it.
  • Step 3. Implementation Project Manager or the Support Team gets back to the Client with the answer. If the request has been approved, the Client will be presented with the offer and the solution proposal which should contain:
    • agreed scope of the change,
    • expected delivery time, which is counted from the moment of payment made by the Client,
    • cost of the change. 
  • Step 4 Client signs the offer and sends it back to Implementation Project Manager or the Support Team.

PerfectGym will start the development works only once having received the offer signed by the Client. 

How to do it in practice?

1. Please download and fill in one of the following documents Development Change Request or the Non-development Change Request.

Check with the bullet points in step 1 above, which form applies to your needs. 

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Development Change Request.docx

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Non-Development Change Request.docx


2. Next, send the form to your Implementation Project Manager, or create a case via the GetSupport tool, as described above, in step 1 of the Change Management Process Description.  

3. PerfectGym will get back to you with the answer and the offer if the request has been approved. In such case, you will be provided with the agreed scope of the change, expected delivery time and the cost of the change. 

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