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In this article, you will find a handful of useful information that could help you during the PerfectGym software implementation process. You will get to know how the Implementation Project lifecycle looks like and you will learn how the communication works during this process. 

  • Please be informed that the Onboarding package validity has a fixed term beginning from the Contract Start Date and contains a range of services specified in the Onboarding Package Scope.
  • Be aware that after this package expiration, PerfectGym has no obligation to provide you with further onboarding services. 


Project Lifecycle

  1. Preparation 
  • During this phase, the PG Team is going to activate your database and add-ons if applicable. Once completed, please expect message with login credentials from your Project Manager. 
  • Please ensure that the deployment package as well as subscription payments are being settled and expect communication from your Project Manager to Kick-Off the Project.

2. Deployment

  • Purpose of this phase is to deliver all products included in the agreement and to reach the Go-Live step, which is the technical system readiness for live operations. 

3. Hypercare

  • This the last phase of the Implementation Project. During this phase Customer, PG Champion together with the Implementation Team will close all remaining tasks and ensure that environment is stable before moving the Customer to PG Support Team and/or PG Customer Success Team 

Communication during Implementation

  • Status calls: Please contact your PM whenever you would like to discuss project status and plan. 
  • System question/bugs: Please contact onboard@perfectgym.com whenever you have any system and technical questions during the implementation. Please remember to open one case per one email and not mix technical and business inquires. 
  • System consultation and Train the Trainer: if your implementation scope contains 1:1 session and/or trainings with the PerfectGym Consultant, contact your Project Manager or send request to the onboard@perfectgym.com  to book a meeting date.  
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