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When starting cooperation with Perfect Gym, each fitness chain has to appoint one of their employees to become a PG Champion. It is one of the most significant roles in your business when it comes to the seamless Perfect Gym system usage. This person's competences and system knowledge can make the club's operations and staff's everyday performance much easier by means of advising on system configuration and its usage.

Therefore, the PG Champion should become the first line of support for club employees in case of them having questions or experiencing problems with the system performance or usage. It is also advised for the PG Champion to be the one to open and manage cases and also to prevent duplicating the cases in case more than one club employee is responsible for raising the cases per one club. 

  • This article explains the PG Champion's role and lists the competences they should have to perform this role in the most beneficial way to the club, its employees and members. 
  • This article will be useful to all employees in the club. 

Role Description

What is PG Champion's role?

  • During the Implementation Process:
    • PG Champion is a single point of contact with the Implementation Manager.
    • PG Champion is a person who participates in Implementation Success trainings and consultations. 
    • PG Champion is a person who performs the first system configuration.
  • After the Implementation Process: 
    • PG Champion is responsible for training the club's employees on how to use the system depending on their position and business role within the club.
    • PG Champion acts as an expert who supports the club's daily operations with his/her knowledge and is responsible for system adjustments and additional configuration in accordance with the club's business strategy and club members needs. 
    • PG Champion is the first line of support for club employees in case of questions or problems with the system performance or usage. That is the person, to whom i.e. a Reception Desk staff can go with a query and his/her role is to find a solution to that problem. 
    • PG Champion is responsible for everyday administration of the Perfect Gym system. 
    • PG Champion provides substantive support for the Club Owner, Club Manager or Financial Manager in their responsibilities. 
    • PG Champion is a person who contacts the Perfect Gym Support Team and manages the club's cases in the Get Support tool. 

Which competences should PG Champion have?

PG Champion should learn the configuration of the entire Perfect Gym system the best from the entire club staff. It is extremely important and starts already with the Implementation process. Remember, that the success of the club Implementation Process includes the level of engagement from the side of PG Champion combined with the professional assistance and expertise of the Perfect Gym Implementation Team! Also, after the Implementation process, the larger the scope of system knowledge and the higher level of PG Champion's competences, the better, prompt and effective the assistance club employees can get in their everyday work.

Also, PG Champion's competences should allow to creatively use the Perfect Gym system functionalities to enable reaching such system configuration, which corresponds to the fullest with the club's business strategy and its members needs.   

Problem solving, can-do attitude and communication skills can play a role in appointing a PG Champion in a club, as this role is also connected with maintaining contact with the Implementation Team and Support Team. It also involves system knowledge sharing with club employees. 

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