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This article will familiarize you with all the possible reports which can be found in the Sales tab in the PGM. Depending on your specific Perfect Gym license, this will determine the reports available to you.

  • This article will be helpful to PG Champion, Administrator, Finance & Accounting, Sales Manager, Club Manager, Club Owner and Front Desk staff reporting day fiscal closures. 

Before you start

Depending on your system permission, you may not be able to view some reports for security reasons. You can modify the visibility of these reports within System Permissions.

Contact your PG Champion in the event that you lack the visibility and the system permissions to modify your visibility for a given report. 


  1. Name: Cashless payments

    Description: Summary of cashless payments recorded in your club.

    Filters: Clubs, from, to, POS Station

    Cashless Payments Report
  2. Name: Pos Membership Transaction Log

    Description: Summary informs about transactions involving only membership payments. Next to the date of the sale, the report generates information about users’ data, their choice of payment method and payment plan according to which the transaction was settled.

    Filters: Club, Since, Until, Status, formatting?, merge transaction by user

    Pos Membership Transaction Log Report
  3. Name: Pos Sales Totals

    Description: It allows you to generate a detailed report summarizing the sale, based on accurate information about the sale of specific products for the chosen time frame.

    Filters: Club, Pos Station, Since, Until, Payment Type, Source, Status, Vat Rate, Separate Membership payment from other club, Formatting

    Pos Sales Totals Report
  4.  Name: Pos Transaction Day Summary

    Description: Report in the form of the table, presents the statement concerning the sum of transactions made within a club, in chosen period according to the payment method.

    Filters: Club, Pos Station, Since, Until, Payment type, Source, Status, Formatting

    Pos Transaction Day Summary Report
  5.   Name: Pos Transaction Log Details

    Description: The report will allow you to effectively control payments made at the club. The report generates information about archival and current transactions, made in the various points of sale in your club. The report allows you to choose the payment method, category of product and payment status. In addition, informs about granted discounts and employees who have made the sale.

    Filters: Club, Pos Station, Payment Type, Source, Status, Since, Until, Products Categories

    Pos Transaction Log Details Report
  6. Name: Pos Transactions by Items Summary

    Description: The report generates a summary of the total amount of the products sold by categories. The table format will allow you to effectively monitor and manage the sale of products in your club.

    Filters: Club Pos Station, Since, Until, Payment type, Source, Status

    Pos Transactions by Items Summary Report
  7. Name: POS Transactions with discount

    Description: Detailed report about transactions with the assigned discount.

    Filters: Club, Since Until

    POS Transactions with discount Report
  8. Name: PosTx by item by employee

    Description: Perfect way to efficient and systematic monitoring of the sales targets results. The report will allow you to monitor the progress of your sales team divided to each employee.

    Filters: Club, Pos Station, Since, Until, Payment type, Source, Status

    PosTx by item by employee Report
  9. POS transaction Sale Margin

Description: This detailed report will help you to properly calculate the profit margin and expenses related to running the sales of products. The report will help you to calculate revenue and control expenses.

Filters: Club, POS Station, Product Category, Payment, Source, Status, Since, Until, Vat rate

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