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In this article, you will learn about the most useful reports in the PGM. 

Feature description

If you want to find reports, go to the PGM ->Reports -> All.

  • Every tab has filters so you can easily filter all needed information about finances or other club operations.

Below you can find description of the most useful reports to run your club:

  • POS sales total report – a report displaying your sales results for goods and services and then dividing those into categories. Not only can you report on the sales results here, but also see the margin added for particular products. Additionally, the report will calculate your profit.
  • POS membership transaction log – a report providing an overview of contractual payments from your members. Using this report, you will find out who and how many members have paid their membership dues in addition to the associated amount. The members who have not paid full membership fees and have partially paid their dues will be marked with colors in the report.
  • E-payments log – detailed overview of the electronic payments recorded by the system. This report will provide you with results related to recurring payments processed automatically by the system. In this report, you will also see the automatic payment attempts which have failed and associated member information and error details.
  • Online payments – this report lists all the payment attempts through payment gateways including successful, in progress, and failed attempts.
  • Income report – a consolidated income report including all contracts and only contracts with methods of payment available in the club. Using this report, you can also verify which of the available methods of payment is used the most by your members as well as narrow your income report to a specific period.

To control changes within your system, go to:

  • User changes report – a detailed report on user-related activities recorded in the system, for instance: member information, data changes, contract cancellations, or member transfers to another club. The report records the information on who performed changes (employee name) and pre and post-change states.
  • Corrections – a report showing a collated list of changes impacting financial settlements on members’ accounts. The changes are displayed with their effective dates and post-change account balance information.
  • Employee roles – this report provides an overview of the types of system permissions assigned for employees. The report displays a history of any permission changes for employee accounts and who made the change(s).

To check the statistics of the most important services such as group classes or PT, go to:

  • Studio – the report that monitors interest trends for selected group classes in your club, level of class attendance showing the amount of booked members, and unused slots. Additionally, you can view the information about the members who attended your classes and see the scores they gave.
  • Booking calendar events report – in this report you can display the list of members who signed up for classes, channels used to book, their entry times, and how they scored the classes.
  • Commissions for employees – an advanced report displaying status and progress of personal training sessions of those instructors who make commission. From the report, you can also obtain the information on commission levels of completed or sold PT sessions.
  • All members – this report produces a list of members in the database and report on any type of member data field inserted into the system.
  • Conversion and retention – this report obtains personal details of guests, which are visitors to your club who have not had contracts. This report also provides information on terms and conditions applied upon their guest visit, purchased products, or services they used.
  • Access control summary – a report to enable control over member access inside your facility(ies), with the ability to filter on member type, access reason, gender, or the type of pass used to access a given area. In the report, you can also generate graphs collating entries to club through date, time, or payment plans.
  • Non-users – indicates members, who have not visited your club for a specified period. Thanks to this report, a manager can react to improve retention and decrease the probability of leaving.
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