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The Perfect Gym Manager Dashboard empowers club owners with a set of informative widgets that enable them to capture ‘at a glance’ snapshots of various business performance metrics within the business. This assists club owners in making informed business decisions in relation to members, contracts, marketing, and retention.

The main dashboard can be adapted to the individual needs of the PGM system users in terms of widget size, order, and main information such as displayed club and additional data filters.

Feature Description

How to use Dashboard widgets in PGM?

Based on system permissions setup, it is possible to provide access to widgets to particular system roles.

Set up the system permissions to Dashboard -> Available elements.

widget_sysytem permissions

Here you find the suggested use of widgets divided by employee roles:

1. Receptionists will be able to display widgets with data on the members' statistics and the club day-to-day functioning:

  • Weather widget
  • Today's visits widget 
  • Visits in club widget
  • Members by contract time widget
  • Visits per member widget
  • Live members history widget
  • Perfect member widget

Please, read this article to learn, what kind of data do these widgets provide. 

2. Managers will be able to display widgets focusing on the product and sales:

  • Net gain widget
  • Month results widget
  • New contracts widget
  • Freezes of contracts widget
  • Retention widget
  • Sales by product category widget
  • Reception sales widget
  • Consultant sales widget
  • Personal trainings widget
  • Payment plan types widget
  • Payment plans widget
  • Future contract endings widget
  • Contract cancellations widget

Please, read this article to learn, what kind of data do these widgets provide. 

3. Finance department will be able to display widgets with data on transactions and payments:

  • Payments by source widget
  • Direct Debit efficiency widget
  • Credit card efficiency widget
  • Debtors by status widget
  • Debtors widget
  • Revenue MTD widget
  • Revenue history widget
  • Total revenue widget
  • Average membership fee widget

Please, read this article to learn, what kind of data do these widgets provide. 

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