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This article presents general information about the Perfect Gym Manager (PGM) system. It also presents its advantages in terms of business infrastructure. Reading these simple questions and answers can help understand how the system is organized.

  • This article will help in answering common questions on the PGM system general operation, especially during the initial phase of working with the system. 
  • This article will be useful to PG Champion, Club Manager, Administrator, IT Department and Club Owner.  

Questions and answers

What PGM is for?

PGM is a SaaS software dedicated for thorough administration of your club. The system configuration process allows you to program your club internal regulations and financial and business strategy into the system behaviour. PGM allows you manage your club facilities, employees, members' and guests' accounts, sell products and services, manage payments, create sales and marketing actions, check various types of reports and keep contact with your clients. PGM is dedicated for the PG Champions, Club Administrators, Managers, and Owners. 

What are the benefits of Software-as-Service (SaaS)?

Software as a service is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is hosted by supplier. SaaS system is typically accessed by users using a web browser.

Below you will find the benefits of SaaS:

  • You do not care about the hardware infrastructure.
  • Available from each place in the world with the Internet.
  • You have support in case of trouble.
  • Updates are automated and free.
  • Free from unexpected costs.
  • It is cheaper compared to other solutions.

How is the system secured?

  • Access to applications with HTTPS protocol which provides data encryption.
  • Firewall - it is a solid line of defense between the company's network and hackers.
  • Antivirus - real time monitoring for all servers.

What is the strategy of database backup?

  • Backup of each data base is done every two hours.
  • That means that not more that 2 hours of data could be lost at most. 

What if some servers break down?

  • Perfect Gym is able to redirect all requests to another server or data center.


If you would like some more information on technical requirements for your software and hardware cooperating with the PGM system, go to this article

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