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This article introduces the Perfect Gym Ecosystem modules. It also enlists their key features and briefly describes each module characteristics. Mind that you might not be using every of the enlisted modules.

You may need to check your license and confirm, which module you are authorized to use according to your license provisions. If you are interested in adding new modules, contact the Perfect Gym Sales Team. 

  • This article briefly describes software modules that exist within the Perfect Gym Ecosystem.  
  • This article will be helpful to PG Champion, Club Manager, Administrator and Club Owner. 

Perfect Gym Ecosystem

Perfect Gym Manager

It is the core administrative software for your club. It allows to set up the system according to your club internal regulations and financial and business strategy, check various types of reports, and create sales and marketing actions. PGM is mostly dedicated for the PG Champions, Club Administrators, Managers, and Owners. 

  • Clients & Membership Management
  • Club Zones & Access Control
  • Employees
  • Classes
  • Product & Stock Management
  • Dashboard widgets & Reporting
  • Finances & Payments
  • Auto Billing & Invoicing
  • Marketing & Automation Center
    • Vouchers
    • Email automation & Newsletters
    • Push notifications & SMS alerts
    • Member Analytics & Tagging
  • Settings & Dictionaries

POSweb - Point of Sale

It is a complete front desk application for your fitness clubs. This is the most convenient and fastest way for your Reception to control access to your club, sell products and services, and make bookings for fitness activities. POSweb is also an user-friendly software that easily integrates with various external devices, i.e. printers, readers, barcode scanners, etc. This application is mostly dedicated to your club Reception Team. 

Key features:

  • 24h Access Control
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Discounts
  • Locker Room Management
  • Quick & Secure Payments
  • Simple Sales Process
  • Personal Training Booking

Client Portal & Kiosk

Client Portal and Kiosk give the opportunity for an easy registration to the club, online booking of classes, personal training and facilities, managing payments and contract as well as club members' management. Client Portal is responsive to Mobile Apps, which remains the most used tool for class booking and ratings. You can also find activities and book them instantly on the Perfect Gym Go Mobile App. From now on, club members can enjoy the ultimate comfort when booking classes and fitness events anytime and anywhere they go.

Client Portal Key features:

  • Membership Management
  • Friends & Family Access
  • Contract Payments
  • Product Purchase
  • Activity Booking

Kiosk key features:

  • Client Portal
  • Online Class / PT / Facility Booking
  • Online Courses
  • Fully Automated Registration Process
  • Easy & Flexible Payments

Perfect Gym GO 2 Mobile Application

This application is available both for Android and iOS operating systems. It can be found in the Google Play and AppStore. It allows club members and guests to seamlessly manage their memberships and class booking. PGGO2 app is also available in customizable form of while label app.

Key features:

  • Club Finder & Class Booking
  • Mobile Check-ins with QR Codes
  • Deals & Promotions
  • Workout Goals
  • Referrals & Guest Passes
  • Easy & Flexible Payments
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